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Tips For Succeeding In Cosmetology School

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If you are planning on becoming a cosmetologist, chances are good that you are going to need to get licensed through an accredited institution depending on the laws of your state. Here are some tips for making the most out of your time in cosmetology school.

1. Get Used to Working With Hair as a Sculpture

In order to be successful at cutting hair, you need to get used to treating an entire head of hair as a sculpture. You need to be able to understand the flow of the hair, the form of the current structure of hair that you're working with, and the form of the haircut that a client desires. You can do this by practicing on your fellow students and working on the basics of different cuts. When you look at a trendy new cut or an over-elegant cut, you might be intimidated because the cut looks extremely complicated. You can break this cut down into into its basic shapes, just like how a sculptor can break down a desired statue into its basic shapes and then embellish on those shapes to bring his or her artistic vision to life. To break down the cut into its basic shapes, you will need to study the basic hair styles and then practice layering the cuts on top of one another to reproduce the desired trendy hairstyle.

2. Build Your Portfolio

Constantly update your portfolio with new projects that you have done. Take pictures of your process in stages so that potential clients can see how you work. Consider taking pictures of a style that you create and the time that it took you to complete it, as well as that same style six months later to show your growth as a cosmetologist. School is going to be one of the only times that you are forced to work in a variety of different styles and mediums. Take advantage of this time to build up your portfolio with as far reaching a skill set as possible.

3. Don't Burn Bridges With Anyone You Work With

The person sitting next to you in class might be someone who can get you a job after graduation. Don't burn bridges by talking behind anyone's back, and make sure that you graduate on good terms with everyone in your graduating class, as well as the year below you. This will help widen your network of people you can call for both references and job leads.

For more information, contact a cosmetology school in your area.